"Map of My Values"

Art-therapeutic techniques, one of which I use in coaching sessions with clients, I suggest you do on your own, having prepared the applied material in advance. These techniques help you to understand yourself and your desires and find ways to enhance your life quality.

"Map of My Values".

Goal: To look from a new perspective at a map of your values, your accomplishments, your resources, and your future prospects.

Materials: A sheet of A3 paper or larger, several different magazines, scissors, glue, pencils or markers.


Turn on meditative pleasant music. Sit comfortably and relax, close your eyes. Imagine yourself living the life of your dreams. You are happy. Stay in this state for a few minutes.

Then open your eyes, and take your magazines. Choose and cut out pictures that resonate with your soul, and reflect your personality. If headlines, slogans resonate, choose those too.

Arrange all the pictures on your sheet so that there is a sense of satisfaction. Then glue all the cut out elements. Think of a title and write it on top of your collage.

When you have finished your work, look at it carefully. Answer the questions for yourself:

- How do you feel when you look at your creation?

- What does this collage say or remind you of?

- What three actions can you take right today to get closer to living the life of your dreams? Get Started!

You are the creator of your reality. At the very top, write down, "Everything pictured here, I accept with pleasure and gratitude!" Abundance is in the distance of your thought. Remind yourself of this.