Welcome to the "Book & Art" club!


- Would you be interested if it's not just a meeting with friends over a cup of coffee, but also participation in cognitive, developmental training that can awake your creative abilities?

- Are you reading a book on your own and have no one to talk to about it?

Join our community!

You'll meet people who share similar interests, in the process you will gain new knowledge, discover different visions and points of view that will  help you to truly develop internally and externally!

"Book & Art" club has two directions and was created to give people the opportunity to:

1. invest time in self-development by engaging in creativity through art coaching to gain new knowledge, self-expression and expand personal horizons!

2. share their thoughts about the books they read in an atmosphere of trust, where all participants could communicate, learn and develop together!

1. Art Therapy & Coaching Session

- Art therapy, which includes training and art meditation, is a way of relaxing, immersing yourself in order to focus on an aspect of life that you want to change, improve through art therapy techniques, as well as creating a creative product, such as a painting that will decorate your home. Art-meditation targets all of your senses - smell, hearing and sight. The workout goes on all levels - spiritual, mental, and bodily.

- Aromatherapy with essential oils, healing music, colors, textures, soulful conversation over a cup of delicious tea - everything that creates harmony and motivation inside you!


2. Meetings for book discussions: 

A book is rather an occasion for us to discuss eternal topics that concern everyone, because participants can talk about the characters of the book, their personalities and actions, about themselves, about the innermost and important things. Bibliotherapy, as part of art therapy, is the therapeutic effect of reading, where analysis and reflection multiply this effect.

- At club meetings we will discuss books and communicate on levels that we have not been able to communicate before, even in different languages (if a book chosen in another language). We'll read out favorite passages from a selected book, reflect, and get insights, and perspectives from authors of different backgrounds and genres.

- By joining, you'll get the accountability you've been missing to finally read the books you've had on your shelf for months!

- Read a book every month and no time constraints - read as you can and come to meetings when you can!

Membership is free, but if you may wish, donations will be raised to buy books and other school supplies for families in need.

Where and when do we meet?

We meet monthly in beautiful cozy places - cafes and co-working spaces of the city to discuss the book. Art therapy will take place weekly, and you will receive advance notice of the location.

In between meetings, participants will share their ideas and thoughts on which book to choose to read in a private WhatsApp group. Notifications of upcoming events will also appear there. 

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting! Join and become a member by signing up for the email newsletter or WhatsApp.