I have integrated my own life experience and scientific knowledge, to motivate and inspire people towards truth, authenticity, freedom, love and happiness. 

I began my professional life as a teacher, translator and lawyer. In this realm the work is meant to be strictly legal, but it might transcend personal, professional and even psychological issues. Later when running my own business I needed tools for personnel management and motivation, so it brought me to psychology and a coaching career. As with legal advice, coaching advice is about helping a client envision a better future.

Fully-certified as a Life Coach, Art-Therapist and NLP practitioner I’ve been successfully coaching clients both offline and online facilitating their self-growth and empowerment. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, and dealing with obstacles, feeling disconnected from yourself and others, or seeking your life's purpose, or simply want to pave the way for self-development, my services aim to introduce clarity and motivation for an authentic balanced life.

Through art-coaching I provide my clients with the techniques to better manage the emotional stress of everyday life. I guide them through a process of inquiry, feedback, assessments, and looking inward to discover what makes them feel inspired, motivated, and purposeful.

Together, we get insights and then map out personalized development plans to achieve their desired goals in any aspect of life.